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Her First First Day of School – And I Missed It

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I don’t know who’s been more excited about Kayle’s first day, me or her. I’ve been building up the momentum to this glorious occasion since she was about 2 years old to be honest. I’ve been excitedly waiting in anticipation to see her finally branch out into new, unexplored territories. I know she was ready, and has been so for sometime.

Last week Friday we attended an orientation at her school. We bought uniforms, met the teacher, and got to see her classroom. At the end of the session, I felt really good about the school I had chosen and I know she’s in exactly the right place for her.

Unfortunately, neither I nor Dad could take her to school this morning. I’m currently in a surgery rotation and must be at the hospital by 5:30 am. Additionally, the hospital is about an hour’s drive away so I wouldn’t even make it back home in time to get her to school by 8:30 am. Dad is also working about an hour and a half away so he couldn’t take her either.

Last night, I gave my mother a lesson in taking photos with my camera to make sure she captured the moment (which she did). At least I’ll have those!

And by the time I made it home tonight, Kayle was asleep so I don’t even get to talk to her about her day.

This is quite disappointing to me. Up til now, I’ve been able to be there for all of Kayle’s big and important moments. This is the first time I’ve missed any sort of milestone. The past 2 years, I’ve seen my level of involvement in her daily life plummet due to my schedule – rotations occurring far away, the times I must be at the various hospitals we attend, and the lack of flexibility in my schedule is the source. This is definitely a glimpse of the future as I think about the rigors of residency. I’ve actually started wondering how many more important life events will I have to miss? It’s one thing to miss a friends wedding, for example, but to miss your child’s anything, especially when they are so young, is difficult.

I admit, it’s probably more difficult for me than her, but I also don’t want this to become a thing where Mom is always missing from the important events in her life.

Nevertheless, I am so very proud of how far she has come and how much she has grown. This weekend was exhausting, running around getting last minute school supplies. But it was also thrilling because it marked a new era in the life of our family.

I am now a proud parent of a school aged child! Here’s to a fabulous school year!!


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