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Your Days Are Numbered

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I hate to admit it but Kaylé is spoiled.  This is not [entirely] my fault.  Since we live with so many other people, sometimes, their rules (or lack their of) appear to be a better option than any rules I set forth.  I often find myself wondering how my mother and grandparents successfully raised children because Kaylé gets away with so much more than my brother and I (and my mother and her brothers) ever did.  Lucky girl!

I do  play a role in some of this <clearing of throat>.  For instance, Kaylé’s bedtime rivals those of most adults.  This is my own fault.  We share a room and I would often interrupt her sleep with lights and noise as I was still awake trying to prepare for the next day of class.

As I approach Med School Heaven (i.e. fourth year of med school), I look forward to not having to study for an exam, not having to be out in order to get work done, and being able to spend some real quality time with Kaylé.  I also look forward to breaking some of those bad habits that have formed over the past 2-3 years.  Whenever I catch Kaylé performing one of those I habits, I gently remind her, “Your days are numbered.”

She is greatly displeased in hearing this.  I think she believes that I will be ushering some sort of dooms day for her. Saying this usually results in crying and pleading for me to not “number her days.”   She may will not understand what I am doing or why and she definitely will not appreciate the process but we will all be better off.

As parents, we should be constantly vigilant as to what is going on with our children, noticing the things we like and dislike.  For those things we dislike, we should have a plan to address them before they get out of hand (or to a point where we can no longer effect change).  I can remember plenty of times my mother did this with me and I hated it.  Looking back now, however, I know it was for my good.  Hopefully, Kaylé will see this the same way as well.


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I'm a general surgery resident and mother to a seven, going on 30, year old daughter.

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