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Is It Summer Yet?!

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I know that this is somewhat premature to be writing about summer but I am excited about not having classes for 6 weeks.  Currently, I feel myself winding down as we get closer to the time off (reminds me of how I felt during my senior year of undergrad).  I need some inspiration, a push, a second wind.  I need to keep up the energy to make through!

How do you stay motivated, especially when it’s the hardest?

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My name is Colleen. I'm a third year medical student and I have a 4 year old daughter. I live at home with my family (which is a challenge in and of itself) and I'm in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend of 6 years (and father of my child), thus complicating my life even more. In my free time (when I do have any these days), I like to catch up on sleep, spend time with my daughter and boyfriend, listen to music, and catch up on my favorite shows online (since I rarely get to watch TV anymore these days).

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  1. Hi there!

    I’m Brandy from
    I just found you on
    I’m impressed that you’re a med student, mom, and blogger!
    Hope to talk to you soon!



  2. Looks like a nice case of senioritis! I remember just slugging through the last few weeks of school. Perhaps taking it a day at a time and thinking about things you might actually miss might help make the time pass more quickly :)


    • Senioritis and I’m only a second year! I do like your idea of taking things one day at a time. I have a tendency to move ahead without taking care of the now. Thanks for your advice!



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