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Weight Gain – Boo!

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I don’t know how it happened.  All I know is that somewhere between March and now I have managed to put on 10 lbs.  That’s a lot – and very upsetting.  Looking back at my diet since I’ve started school, it’s a miracle I haven’t put on more.  But in this last month/month and a half, I think I’ve really let myself go.  There was a good 2 weeks (if not more) where I didn’t go to the gym.  And I do feel a bit more stressed since starting second year.  I’ve also noticed that I tend to eat a lot when I get home, especially as I wind down at nights.

I don’t like these new habits I’ve formed (nor do I like the fact that they are causing me to gain weight).  I’ve started going to the gym again (set a goal for 7 days/week so if I only hit 5 or 6, I’ll still feel good).  That’s one positive step in the right direction.  But I really need to get this eating under control.  I’m going to try setting a cutoff point of 8 p.m. – not eating anything after then.

Oh medical school, not only have you taken up most of my free time, but you’ve played a role in my recent weight gain (sitting down for hours on end, studying, is just not that great)!  Baby steps back to healthy!


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I'm a general surgery resident and mother to a seven, going on 30, year old daughter.

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