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I have the privilege of attending a conference for our chapter of Student National Medical Association (SNMA) in Atlanta, GA.  I am excited to go for a number of reasons: 1) it was free for me to attend (always nice to travel for free), 2) it is a great opportunity to recruit patients for our school (I can count the number of individuals classified as African American on my 2 hands), 3) it is an opportunity for our chapter to get our name it, and 4) it is a chance to network with other students and physicians.  Also, I’ve never been to Atlanta before and I love flying on planes so this trip should be fun.

There are some cons to the situation though (aren’t there always).  I’m missing 2 days of classes, which in the grand scheme of things is not that big of a deal.  I have an exam on the Monday I get back which includes an anatomy practical and I’ll be missing all the open lab time for that (ugh!).  I won’t be home for my birthday (which is April 5th) so I will not be celebrating with my family until I get back (I like to celebrate on the actual day).  And the hardest thing of all is leaving Kayle for 3 entire days!!

Since she was born, I’ve only left her once (during one of my medical school interviews) and that was only for 2 nights.  And now that she’s older, she understands more.  I fear she may understand that mommy is not home but that she’ll be so upset that my not coming back will cause permanent psychological damage to her.

I may be over-reacting just a bit but still.

I started prepping her as of last night.  I told her that I was going bye-bye on a plane for 3 sleeps and then she will come and pick me up.  I decided it would be best if she take me to the airport just so it would not be like I did not come home from school and disappeared for a few days.  I hope that the change in routine will help her distinguish the situation from the norm and help her cope a bit better.

I have a feeling that this will probably be harder on me than it will be on her.


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I'm a general surgery resident and mother to a seven, going on 30, year old daughter.

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