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Turning 2!!

Today was my darling daughter’s 2nd birthday.  As I got ready for school this morning (after singer her Happy Birthday and giving her lots of hugs and kisses), I was amazed at how much she’s grown and changed in the past few months since I began med school, and how fast these 2 years have gone by.

I remember how she would cry while I left in the morning so I had to start taking her with me to the car so she could say bye and see me drive away.  Then she started to do things to try to keep me back from saying she hurt her self to physically blocking my path.  And then one day, she didn’t com outside to see me off.  She is now ok with me saying goodbye and giving her a kiss because she understands that I have to go to school (she even tells me “No school”) but that I will be back as soon as I can.

I’ve also enjoyed seeing her personality develop and flourish.  One of the gifts she received was a pull-toy puppy.  I watched as she sat down and told the puppy that she was going to feed it “nana” and then proceed to tell the puppy “I love you,” kiss it, and hug it.  All I could do is smile at how loving and sweet she was in wanting to take care of her puppy.

These past few months have been difficult for everyone but today I’ve truly seen that Kayle is ok, and I’m surviving and that makes me very happy.


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I'm a general surgery resident and mother to a seven, going on 30, year old daughter.

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