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Spending Time with Kayle

I woke up this morning feeling especially tired (big suprise there!).  That, along with the dreariness of the morning was enough to convince me to stay home.  I don’t miss class often and try to save it for emergencies, such as if I get extremely sick or if Kayle is really sick.  Nevertheless, it had been raining for the past 5 days, completely bringing my mood and energy level way down.  I had to battle near depression while trying to study for my first Human Structure and Function exam – not fun.

Shortly after I made my decision to stay, Kayle woke up – so no sleeping in.  I’m glad I didn’t sleep in though because it gave us a chance to hang out and play, something we haven’t been able to do in a while.  The smile on face when she awoke and saw that I was still home and hadn’t left yet said it all.  We had breakfast together, sang and danced to an episode of “The Fresh Beat Band,” and were able to just be.  It was so nice.

This doesn’t mean I’m going to start regularly skipping class to be with Kayle.  As much as I would love to, it is one of the many sacrifices I decided to make when I chose to go to medical school.  I know that this is one of the best decisions I could have made and I just enjoy the time we do spend together that much more.  It also causes me to take advantage of each moment I have to spend with her, planned or not.


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I'm a general surgery resident and mother to a seven, going on 30, year old daughter.

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